Month: September 2015

What Is A Tea Infuser And What Are Its Uses?


If you believe that preparation of tea is a simple job that needs you to add some hot water into tea leaves, then think again. Tea brewing might sound easy; however, there is a long tradition which comes with the method of brewing. As a matter of fact, tea brewing and also drinking form a part of a culture which has been around for centuries. Even in the face of new refreshments and modernization, tea has maintained its standing as a popular beverage. For dealing with changing customer preferences and modernization, new editions of tea makers as well as accessories are used. Presently, there is a variety of models and makers and some include innovative accessories, one of which is the infuser. In case you too wish to indulge in an authentic experience, you must know what a tea infuser is and in this particular tea infuser review you will be able to comprehend the basic information related to brewing and preparation.

What Is a Tea Infuser?

The tea infuser is a device found inside the teapot which can collect the loose tea leaves. As soon as the loose leaves are safely and securely inside the tea infuser, the brewing can take place. The infuser is designed just like a mesh cage having tiny openings to ensure that loose leaves are not able to escape. Using the infuser, you can simply remove the container just after the brewing and you need not worry about loose tea leaves which will float into the brew. Infusers are employed in teapots, mugs, and even kettles. The teapots featuring infusers are excellent for home use or while hosting an afternoon party. The infuser mug in contrast is recommended for the individual who is constantly on the move. The mug along with the infuser provides you a stress-free method of preparing tea even when you are outside your residence. The mugs are usually available with covers; therefore, you don’t have to worry about spilling the tea.

The Advantages of a Glass Teapot Infuser

In case the intention is to prepare tea inside the house, then the kettles or teapots are recommended. These types of products can brew several cups of tea at a time; hence they are ideal for group gatherings. To add some flavor into the celebrations, you may use the glass pot infuser. This product resembles the conventional ceramic pot featuring the best tea infuser; the only real difference is the fact that glass is utilized as the material. With this particular design, you can ultimately observe the true brewing method and the unfurling of the dried leaves, hence incorporating a different quality to your tea experience.